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Wild Haven Farm

Alemar Good Thunder Cheese

Alemar Good Thunder Cheese

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A washed-rind grass-fed cows’ milk cheese inspired by Reblochon, Good Thunder is washed in Nacht Rider beer, cultures and salt.

Alemar cheeses are only available for delivery to our CSA drop sites. No shipping available.


The cheese is washed weekly for three weeks, during which time the wash soaks in slowly, producing an alchemy of flavors between the two. Someone described it as “Bent River’s stinky little brother”, and that works for us. Good Thunder is a small town not far from Alemar's original plant-site and the name just seemed to fit this cheese.

Good Thunder will age for six-to-eight weeks in refrigeration. As it ages, it will become softer and more funky.

Most importantly, remember to unwrap the cheese and allow it to come to room temperature; at least a half-hour in the warm months, one hour in the colder ones.

Package: approximately 7 oz.

Add any Alemar cheese to your CSA! Cheese orders are available for pickup in the first CSA delivery each month. Cheese orders MUST be placed by the last Friday of the month for delivery the next Wednesday.

Not a CSA member? Cheese orders can be picked up on the farm. Ordering deadlines are the same.

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