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Alemar Fromage Blanc Cheese

Alemar Fromage Blanc Cheese

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Translating directly to “white cheese”, Fromage Blanc is stand alone treat and French kitchen staple.

Alemar cheeses are only available for delivery to our CSA drop sites. No shipping available.

Fromage Blanc is a fresh cheese that will last for at least three weeks in your fridge. Found in many French larders, it is prized for its smooth texture and bright acidity. It’s an extremely versatile cheese, used in countless applications from sweet to savory. It’s fabulous In pastries or whipped into mashed potatoes!

Alemar Fromage Blanc has also been a star in many restaurant recipes including spicy Fromage Blanc (Butcher and the Boar), Flatbread with Fromage Blanc, bacon, and caramelized onion (Vincent), cream cheese frosting (The Craftsman), a tarte framboise (Salut), and of course our current FAVORITE use is on the Northeast Italian Sandwich at Kieran’s Kitchen NE.

Package: 8 oz. tub

Add any Alemar cheese to your CSA! Cheese orders are available for pickup in the first CSA delivery each month. Cheese orders MUST be placed by the last Friday of the month for delivery the next Wednesday.

Not a CSA member? Cheese orders can be picked up on the farm. Ordering deadlines are the same.

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