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Wild Haven Farm

Keith - Miniature Silky Fainter/Myotonic Buck

Keith - Miniature Silky Fainter/Myotonic Buck

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Wild Haven Farm Keith is a fainter/myotonic buck, born in 2022, with miniature silky characteristics and good stiffness (5). He is a mild, friendly buck who is neither mischievous nor aggressive.

  • Sire: Big Wheel Ranch Fainting Goats Cowboy (registered Fainting/Myotonic)
  • Dam: Lily (unregistered Fainting/Myotonic)
  • Registry: N/A
  • Myotonia Stiffness Scale: 5 - Animal walks relatively normally, although somewhat stiff in rear and with a swivel at the hip. Readily stiffens when startled or stepping over a barrier.
  • Intact: Yes
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Proven: Yes

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