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Wild Haven Farm

Locally Grown Poultry Feed

Locally Grown Poultry Feed

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Pricing: The listed price is for credit card payments. Please pay in cash/check when you pick up. Cash price is $.04/lb. less. 

Feed your backyard poultry the same fresh, sustainably-raised feed that we provide to our birds. Our feed is grown in MN and custom milled for us by a regenerative organic farmer near Mora.

* Please note: Although this is organic feed, we are not certified as an organic handler. This feed is no longer technically organic when we sell it to you. If you require certified organic for your own certification please let us know and we will make the proper arrangements.

Our feed is not pellets. Since ground grains don't last as long as whole grains we suggest purchasing just a 1-3 month supply at a time. Feed is sold per pound (lbs). Layers will consume about .25 lbs per day.

  • 18% feed is suited for broilers from week 3 or for the growth stage of layers from weeks 7-20.
  • 16% feed is used for layers once they start laying.

If you're not sure what to feed your chickens (starter, grower, or layer) please ask us.

We sell feed in reusable five gallon pails with a lid. This reduces landfill waste and provides convenient, mouse resistant storage at your home. A pail will hold 25 lbs. Bring your own clean container and lid. If you need a container they will be available here for purchase at the farm for $7.50 including the lid. Our buckets and lids are made in the USA.

TAX: please note that I need to charge sales tax on this item. If you have a tax exemption please provide me with the form before making a purchase.

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