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Wild Haven Farm

Organic Chicken Eggs - 1 dozen

Organic Chicken Eggs - 1 dozen

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We have a limited number of eggs each week (40 dozen). The availability counter is updated weekly on Sunday.

Drop Sites

Anyone can pick up at a drop site without a subscription. Most items can be dropped. Please contact us.

We currently have three pickup locations and more are being discussed. All deliveries are on Wednesday afternoon each week. On request, we can notify you when the drop happens.

  • Hugo, MN in Adelaide Landing. This is a private residence and the exact location will be disclosed only to paid subscriptions. Pickups must happen on Wednesday afternoon or evening.
  • Uptown Minneapolis. This is Isles Bun & Coffee. Simply tell them your name and that you are there for your CSA. Pickup can happen anytime starting Thursday mornings and your product must be picked up by the following Wednesday.
  • On-Farm. We also offer on-farm pickup by appointment. Unwashed eggs can only be picked up on the farm by the paying customer (MN law).
  • More sites are under discussion and we are open to suggestions. We usually need at least 6 subscriptions depending on the location.
  • Delivery could be arranged for a modest fee. Contact us if you are interested.

What you'll get

  1. Medium sized brown eggs
  2. Hens are heritage Barred Rock and Buckeye
  3. Sheltered pasture raised weather permitting. In the winter birds have access to the outdoors all day (aka free range)
  4. Birds are raised and processed by humane standards
  5. Eggs are washed and refrigerated in compliance with MN law

Can I get them unwashed?

We get this question a lot. The answer is yes...but. According to MN state law we can only sell unwashed eggs if they are picked up by the customer on the farm. We make this option available but we will make no exceptions. All unwashed eggs must be picked up by the paying customer on the farm. We have a separate product in our store to purchase unwashed eggs. Thank you for your understanding.

Are unwashed eggs safe? Yes, storing eggs unwashed is perfectly safe and they may stay fresh longer when the bloom is not washed off. However! Please remember that all eggs must be washed before use.

What could go wrong?

As responsible farmers we do everything in our power to keep our birds safe and healthy. But like all things on the farm, tragedies can occur. If fewer eggs are available in any given week, orders will be fulfilled in the order they were received. If we are unable to fulfill your order, you will be contacted immediately and may be issued a credit if feasible. We promise that, in the event of a problem, we will notify you as soon as possible so there are no surprises.

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