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Wild Haven Farm

Walt - Myotonic Buck

Walt - Myotonic Buck

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Wild Haven Walt is a yearling myotonic (fainting goat) buck born in February 2022 from Cowboy and Gloria. Walt is a sweet and cuddly goat who loves pets and being near people. He faints readily and frequently drags his hind legs when startled and will fall completely. With a strong myotonia, he is less playful than some bucks but socializes very well. His coat is soft and full and he has matured into a true miniature silky fainter.

Fast Facts

  • Date of Birth: 2 February 2022
  • Sire:Big Wheel Ranch Fainting Goats “Cowboy” BWR (MGR C2337)
  • Dam: Gloria (Not Registered)
  • Stiffness rating: 4 (Walks normally with no swivel. The rear limbs lock up readily, the forelimbs less so, and goats with this degree of stiffness rarely fall to the ground.)
  • Registered: No, registrable as found/heritage.
  • Miniature: Yes
  • Silky: No

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